Société Mondiale du Vin

Many of our members have a special interest in wine as collectors, producers, and those learning more about wine or other crafted beverages.  To accommodate those members, the Société Mondiale du Vin (“Mondiale”) was created to promote the enjoyment, knowledge and understanding of fine wines and crafted beverages.

Only members in good standing of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs may be members of Mondiale.  A person, professionally involved in the wine and spirits industry or an amateur connoisseur with special interest and knowledge of wine and crafted spirits, seeking membership in the Société Mondiale du Vin, must complete an application and have his or her Bailli approve of the application and process it through the National Office.

The framework of Société Mondiale du Vin provides for professional and amateur participation, with one of its goals being to provide help, encouragement and support for the young professionals who are to be the best sommeliers of the future.  The Chaîne conducts each year a competition to find the best young sommelier in the United States with the winner of that competition then participating in the international competition.  The United States winner in 2014 was Jane Lopes, Northeast Region (NYC.) She was crowned the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs’s Best Young Sommelier in the USA in Carmel in May 2014.

The Chaîne Foundation raises money each year that is distributed in the form of scholarships not only for young chefs, but also for young aspiring professionals in the oenological field.  The Chaîne Foundation has raised and given away more than $3,000,000 since its inception.

New members of the Mondiale are inducted at special ceremonies and receive a tastevin (tasting cup) which is then worn on their regalia.  Professional members also receive a plaque to be displayed at their place of business.

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