2021 Young Chefs Competition

Cheryl Kenny, Bailli Provincial de Southwest Province, recently attended the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs 2021 Jeunes (Young) Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition in Overland Park, Kansas. The competition was as thrilling as ever as National, Regional, and Local officers, as well as members of the Chaîne, came together to celebrate and enjoy culinary delights and give these young chefs the opportunity to compete.

The weekend began with the ribbon cutting ceremoney for Johnson County Community College, naming the school a Chaîne Regional Chefs Training Facility. This exclusive honor designates the school as the only Chaîne recognized training facility within 100 miles, and also offers students of the school the opportunity to win Brillat Savarian scholarships.

The women ran the kitchen, making up a large majority of the young chefs that competed. Chefs Gabriela O’Neil, Samantha Lone, and Elena Smith brought home First, Second, and Third place prizes, respectively.

Our 2021 Southwest Young Chefs Competition winner, Jessica Hulen, competed in the events and won the Best Appetizer honors. The Houston Bailliage honored Jessica at their World Chaîne Day event on April 25, 2021 at Kiran’s Restaurant, and presented her with a $2,000 Scholarship. Jessica is eligible to return to the competition next year. Congratulations to Conseiller Culinaire & Professionals des États-Unis Honoraire Chef Jacques Fox, Executive Chef and Owner of Artisan’s Restaurant and Artisan’s Executive Chef Russell Kirkham for coaching Jessica and preparing her for the competition.

The event featured inductions, including Jessica into the Chaîne as Rôtisseur, Houston Bailliage, Southwest, as well as Cheryl Kenny being inducted to the L’Académie de Brillat-Savarin, a part of Chaîne dedicated to promoting education and engagement of fine food.

The attendees were treated to numerous outings including a tour of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art or the World War I Museum, dinner at Plate or Jasper’s, and many other weekend festivities.  Phillip Jones, the 6th generation President and CEO of Jones Dairy, was in attendance and participated in the live auction to raise money for culinary and oenological scholarships.